Distinguished Doodles
Suwanee Goldendoodles is proud of our accomplishments as a breeder and for those of you that have trained your dog for community involvement, enrichment, and assistance.  We provide the nurturing as a baby where we hand-raise each puppy in our home using the culture necessary to make a well-rounded, happy and healthy puppy.

They are socialized from the very first day they arrive and we continue to socialize with different people throughout the 8 weeks they are here.  We have raised some wonderful therapy and service dogs from our wonderful lines!  What better way to start, than having a therapy dog as the mother to your puppy?

We not only breed for temperament, but we are beginning to prove that we definitely make a difference in breeding a very intelligent dog.  The care and love they have at the beginning, will carry on provided the proper training can be obtained through training programs we recommend.

Chloe #2 - Chloe and Patch 
Careing Paws &
Intermountain Therapy R.E.A.D.
Finnegan & Scarlett
Service - Canine Assistants
Finnegan & Scarlett
Service - Canine Assistants
Admiral (Chloe and Patch baby)
Therapy Dogs International
Naval Hospital in Virginia
Chloe & Monte's
Service - Canine Assistants
Murray (Ruby & Jocko)
as a Baby
Therapy - Caring Paws
/ Intermountain Therapy R.E.A.D.
Mac (Scarlett & Duke)
Therapy - Happy Tails
(Chloe & Rhett)
 Careing Paws & Intermountain Therapy R.E.A.D.
Reagan (Scarlett & Duke)
Therapy - Careing Paws / Intermountain Therapy R.E.A.D.
Lindy (Scout & Tucker)
Therapy - Careing Paws
Motts (Gem & Moe)
Psychiatric Service

Jordan (Gem & Jocko)

Bo (Gem & Jocko)
Therapy - Juvenile Court, Georgia
(Ruby & Charlie)
 Humane Hearts Therapy
Pearl (Scarlett & Charlie)
Therapy - Pet Partners

Canine Assistants

Goldendoodle Association of North America