Training, Grooming & Other Breeders
People often ask us, why do you refer other breeders?
Our answer:  If we do not have the exact dog you want, we want to provide other options.  We all share the very same interest and want you to choose a friend for a lifetime.  A quality friend with a healthy background is important.  Below we have listed a few local breeders we trust and we hope that you will take time to visit their websites.

Abounding Grace Doodles
Laurie Trocheck
Loganville, Georgia
Website Link:
Southern Charm Labradoodles
Carol Dean
Loganville, Georgia
Website Link:

What Does An F1B Look Like All Grown Up?
Scarlett as a Newborn
Although puppies from Suwanee Goldendoodles receive a great head start, we feel it is important that you continue training with a professional.  Soft handling is the key to the success of training a Goldendoodle.  They are so willing to please and very easy to train.  If you need training resources or want to further the training for your dog after leaving Suwanee Goldendoodles visit the links provided below.
Only the Best Groomer Grooms Our Dogs
Don't think for once that you can bring home a Goldendoodle and not have to brush/comb their hair, keep their ears clean and of course caring for the dog through proper diet and exercise to keep that healthy coat.  This is a very important commitment that you have to the dog and it just makes them love you more and of course absolutely beautiful.  Finnegan, our male, requires haircuts about 4-5 per year.  Chloe just a few and Scarlett on an as needed basis.  Finding a professional groomer is not easy.  Be sure to take pictures with you and ask if they have pictures of Goldendoodles they have groomed.
Our health guarantee and proof of testing sets us apart from the rest.
Goldendoodle & Labradoodle Premium Breeders List
    The Breed
Scarlett 5 Years Old
Cat Stevens singing "I Love My Dog".
Ongoing Training Provides Stimulation and Makes Everyone Happy @ Home
If you live local in the Forsyth, Hall or North Fulton area, be sure to contact Rodney for an in-home evaluation and recommended training program.  Rodney has worked with dogs for many years and can truly unleash the potential in a Goldendoodle.  Call Rodney @ 404-310-0751.
Other Training Resources
To the left, APDT is a professional organization where you might find other trainers in your area.  All you have to do is go to their website and put in your zip code to find a trainer near you.