Future Litters 
All Wavy Coats

Upcoming Litters
1 - Weldon (Mystie)
2 - Patel (Jade)
3 - Hooley (Mystie)
4 - Whittle (Jade)
5 - Lavi (Mystie)
6 - Conner (Jade)
6 - Tranchita (Jade)

Jade & Possibly Tucker (Cream/Apricot)
Breeding for a litter to go home
Summer 2019

Mystie & Abraham (Cream/Apricot)
​Breeding May 2019 for
October 2019

We do not reserve by gender or guarantee color.  If you would like to join our wait list please contact us.  We reserve the right to pick two puppies as breeders picks from each litter.

We reserve two spots for our future breeding prospects.  We do not always pick two and if we do not, you will move up the list at puppy pick time.
Donna Schlosser - Life's Abundance Grain Free
Our choice of food for all stages in our home is Life's Abundance Grain Free.  Order here to keep your pet free from recalls and on a food that Breeders trust.  
NuVet Vitamins
In combination with our excellent food source, we protect our dogs with an additional supplement of Omega 3 and our NuVet vitamins.  Order NuVet and promote the overall health of your active Goldendoodle.

Now Booking for 2019

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