Our Guys
Tucker is the son of Finnegan and just an all around perfect Goldendoodle weighing approximately 32 pounds.  Tucker was born in Montana but came home to join us here at Suwanee Goldendoodles and is available as a stud with prearranged appointments.  We went after a girl and came home with a boy and I'm certain you can see why.  Tucker is fully tested and sired his first batch of six puppies with Scout.  He has a very sincere disposition and loves to please just like his Dad Finnegan (shown below).
PLEASE NOTE:  Tucker is available as a stud to approved breeders only.  We will announce ALL future Breedings with our Males on our website
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    The Breed
Finnegan was a wonderful mini stud we used for a few years.  He is a sweet-natured boy that loves life, the girls and life right here at home with us.  Finnegan produced Tucker (an F1B) that will carry on breeding opportunities as needed for us.
Finnegan- F1 Mini
Montana's Red Tucker - F1B
"ASD's Jack of All Trades" JACKSON - Klein/Moyen Poodle
Jackson is the "Perfect" Poodle.  Pictured here with his young owner, he is 28lbs of pure love.  Fully tested as all of our other dogs and also AKC registered. 
Hips - Good
Elbows - Normal
Cardiac - Normal
Patellas - Normal
Calves and Pertes - Normal
prcd-PRA - Clear
vWd - Clear
CERF - 4/2014

Jackson comes from a fine line of European Klines and he will make some beautiful puppies with several breeds because of his size.
Stallone's Harley "Rocky" - English Multigen

Rocky is the son of Scarlett and Duke and is 1/2 English and 1/2 American Goldendoodle.  He weighs 41 pounds and has the most incredible long flowing, non-shedding coat.  He also has a great temperament and is very loving.  Rocky is available to approved Breeders only showing proof of all testing required within my guidelines of Goldendoodle breeding.  All approved litters from Rocky will be posted here.