Frequently Asked Questions
How small is a Goldendoodle when born?
A young man's hand & a 10oz. Goldendoodle
How can you call them Goldendoodles and some of yours are black -- Why?
The coloring comes from the poodle side.  Chloe's grandpa was black.  Goldendoodles as well as Labradoodles have many colors. 

As you explore the breed, you will find that color is a big option.  Puppy coats are an indication of what you expect, but at times they take a look of their own.  This sets them apart from the rest.
Size is always an option, how do I choose?
Size is a great factor in your lifestyle.  If you are are use to growing up with a "big dog" and you live in a neighborhood, a medium-standard is a great choice.   Mediums are oversized lap dogs.  Standards are not giants and make the nice large dog. We have a variety of sizes but we do not breed exclusively for minis.
What's the difference in a Labradoodle and Goldendoodle?
The hair of course.  Goldens have a lot more hair and more to play with!   When a dog is bred properly, you should trust that you will receive a quality dog as long as you choose a Premium Breeder for your Doodle.

Are Goldendoodles good with children?
Yes!  A Goldendoodle and a child is the perfect combo! 

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