Frequently Asked Questions
How small is a Goldendoodle when born?
A young man's hand & a 10oz. Goldendoodle
Size and color is always an option, how do I choose?
Size is a great factor in your lifestyle.  If you are use to growing up with a "big dog" and you live in a neighborhood, a medium-standard is a great choice.   Mediums are oversized lap dogs.  Standards are not giants and make the nice large dog. We have a variety of sizes but we do not breed for minis.  You are better to explore GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America).  

There are a lot of colors in Goldendoodles as well.  This comes from the Poodle line and can go from a cream to, specked (parti), black, brown and more.  Colors can fade, so if you truly want to know the color of your puppy you would need to know more about nose colors, genetics and more.  This is one reason you would want to use a reputable breeder for your choices.
What's the difference in a Labradoodle and Goldendoodle?
The hair of course!  Goldens have a lot more hair and more to play with!   When a dog is bred properly, you should trust that you will receive a quality dog as long as you choose an educated breeder for your puppy.  There are so many diseases in both breeds that need to be ruled out by DNA health testing and DNA traits.   

Are Goldendoodles good with children?
Yes!  A Goldendoodle and a child is the perfect combo! 

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