We Give Back to Our Community
Suwanee Goldendoodles is proud to give back to the community by giving a Dog's life. We provide the nurturing as a baby where we hand-raise each puppy in our home.
They are socialized from the very first day they arrive and we continue to socialize with different people throughout the 8 weeks they are here.  We have raised some wonderful therapy and service dogs from our wonderful lines!  What better way to start than having a therapy dog as the grandmother to a lot of your puppies?

We not only breed for temperament, but we are beginning to prove that we definitely make a difference in breeding a very intelligent dog.  The care and love they have at the beginning will carry on provided the proper training can be obtained through training programs we recommend. 

To learn more about our Goldendoodles that have made a difference, view some of our photos below and read some of the accomplishments that we are starting to get in from some of our owners.
Chloe #2
Chloe & Patch Baby
Finnegan & Scarlett's Medium Flat Coat
Finnegan & Scarlett Mini Flat Coat
Admiral (Chloe and Patch baby) - Therapy Dog Working @ Naval Hospital in Virginia
Chloe & Monte's Standard Curly
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