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Addi & Rocky Puppies Born October 27th! 
6 Boys and 5 Girls

All of Our Addi and Rocky Litter is Spoken For

We are very excited to announce the delivery of 11 puppies from Addi and Rocky  They will go home beginning December 22nd.  Puppy picks will begin on December 9th and you can follow us here as we grow.  Be sure to click on the photos to see the names and a larger photo of the thumbnail.  All old pictures will move beneath the new ones as we have time to post.  For more timely additions, be sure to check us out on Facebook if you hold a deposit or own a Suwanee Goldendoodle.  Our social media is private except for Instagram.  
Goldendoodle Breeders
Our food of choice for puppies growing and adult dogs through their life. Choose Life's Abundance.  You will be happy you did.  Order here after two weeks with your trial bag or ask me about other foods.
Please consider making your dog a therapy dog and start off with the right training.  I am free to discuss the process and my hopes are that you continue your puppy working in public.
A Sweet Bunch - Turning One Week Today
Everyone is Weighing Pretty Close to the Same
Ashe - Black Hearts Collar
Olive - Black Polka Dots Collar
Oakley - Blue Tie Die Collar
Shasta - Orange Collar
Blossom - Pink Collar
Juniper (Juni) - Purple Collar
Douglas - Red Collar
Frasier - Teal Collar
Laurel - Yellow Collar
Woody - Dark Blue Collar
Aspen - Lime Collar
One Week Old.  Next week we will have our eyes open and our ears will open too. We are so beautiful!
Woody - Blue Collar
Shasta - Orange Collar
Olive - Black & White Polka Dot Collar
Oakley - Light Blue Collar
Laurel - Yellow Collar
Juniper - Yellow Collar
Frasier - Teal Collar
Douglas - Red
Blossom - Pink Collar
Aspen - Lime Collar
Ashe - Black Hearts Collar
Two Weeks Old.  Our eyes are open and we will begin to hear during this week. We are toddling about and starting to play.

Two Weeks Old
We are now excepting visitors !!  If you hold a deposit on this litter or are friends of Suwanee Goldendoodles give us a call.

Three Weeks Old
Three Weeks Old.  We can hear, love to eat and best of all we love to be loved.  The human touch is important as well as exposing to new things and people from this age on.

Puppy Pick Schedule
1 - Breeder 12/8 - 3PM
2 - Breeder 12/8 - 3PM
3 - Glassl 12/9 - 9AM
4 - Bickmore 12/9 - 12PM
5 - Higgins - CALL FOR APPT
6 - Draper - CALL FOR APPT
7 - Parker - CALL FOR APPT
8 - Haag - CALL FOR APPT
9 - Goodman - CALL FOR APPT
10 - Mino - CALL FOR APPT
11 - Howard - MEET YOUR PUPPY