Our health guarantee and proof of testing sets us apart from the rest.
Goldendoodle & Labradoodle Premium Breeders List
    The Breed

Currently we have a few available spots in our Spring/Summer litters from Suwanee Goldendoodles due to families on our list having summer time commitments.  Our next available time for breeding depends on mother nature, but possibly around Fall.   The earliest we will breed one of our upcoming girls will be September, making winter puppies.  Our next litter will be large mediums to small standards ranging from around 35-60 lbs.    Contact us for more information.
What Makes Us So Special as a Premium Breeder?
Suwanee Goldendoodles is known for the soft training skills we provide while the puppies are here for 8 weeks with us.  We work on 6 basic commands including sit, shake, down, off, wait and let's go.  Our signature to training is a BIG command - "Leave It!"  We use this command to keep puppies from doing things we don't want them doing (eating plants, furniture, chewing shoes, etc).  In addition our puppies begin crate training at night beginning at the early age of six weeks and everyone is successful at going 8 hours without using the crate at night. 

We use bells on the doors and the puppies are familiar with the sound, knowing that if they ring it ... they get to go outside.  With all this, your puppy has a headstart at becoming the puppy you have always dreamed of having.  Do they all get it before they leave here?  No, but they certainly become familiar with what's expected and you'll be amazed at their progress. Contact us for more information and we will be happy to provide references from people that have our puppies.  Please note:  We do not ship puppies, but we will give you guidance on how you can fly to Atlanta International Airport and pick your puppy up at our home. 

We are a Blue Ribbon Breeder with GANA and are one of very few Breeders that test all parents for all of the following :  PRA-prcd, PRA-G1, PRA-G2, vWd, hips, elbows, cardiac and patellas (see OFFA for more information).  Prior to breeding we ensure that Brucellosis is clear and our adult breeding stock is on a cycle for an eye exam every two years to ensure that nothing has cropped up over time like cataracs or other diseases of the eye.   All puppies are vet checked prior to leaving where vaccines are administered and a full exam is performed on each puppy by a DVM.

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STELLA - Our Beautiful Model
No Two Goldendoodles Alike
We have a few spots available for Summer !
Two Litters to Choose From - Going Home May 8th and May 19th
& One on the Way - Gabbi is Due May 21st.
2015 Plans
Gem & Moe have Chocolates, Merles, Chocolate Merles and Blacks

4 Week Photos are Posted

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Check out Mom and Dad and see our watch me grow page 
Ruby and Jocko have apricots, merles, parti merles and a black!

5 Week Photos are Posted

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Check out Mom and Dad and see our watch me grow page